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Please reblog and donate!
Now before I start my next giveaway I want to post this offer.

Here is where we currently are at as of March 3rd.

Every donation can get you any pokemon you want. This is completely optional.
A donation can be as small as $5 and you can pick what you want. For bigger donations I will allow up to three or more w/some negation. They can be normal, shiny, or legendary. If you wish to not take this offer please let me know, whether you choose to be anonymous or not, I will not release your URL.
PLEASE donate. The deadline is coming up and every donation now comes with a tax deduction and the pokemon of your choice. When donating please list your public name as your URL or Anonymous.

My race date which is sponsored by St. Jude is May 10th of this year and I will be running it with my family. My goal for this year is to raise $1000! This isn’t a hard task to do a simple dollar will go a long way!

If you donate and accept the pokemon offer please come and tell me! Otherwise I will assume you put down the offer.

Donate here

Available pokemon


Please signal boost or donate! Any help is appreciated!

Progress as of March 26th. Way to go, guys! The offer still stands!

If I have missed any donors PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH WHAT YOU WANTED ASAP. I do not want anyone feeling at a loss or cheated because I forgot to get to you.
I have been trying to focus on two things at once and I end up getting everything scattered and confused. 

We’re entering the home stretch! The fundraiser for ends May 10th.
Everyone and anyone can donate. The offer is completely optional and every donor is a eligible for a tax deduction.

Donate! Spread the word! Help out this fantastic cause! :)





Issued 22/3/14

After a crazy winter, spring has finally come. To celebrate it here’s some light/pastel colored pokemon. This giveaway will outstretch to sometime after Easter since I will be absent from Tumblr during the holiday.

- Shiny blastoise 
- Shiny torchic
- Shiny flygon
- Shiny lopunny
- Shiny lapras
- Shiny illumise
- Shiny castform
- Shiny ditto
- Shiny marshtomp
- Shiny gardevoir
- Shiny gligar
- Shiny articuno
- Shiny regigigas
- Shiny mewtwo
- Shiny genesect
Some shinies supplied by Hopefullyironic


Reblog as much as you want
Must be following me to win
- No side blogs (unless it’s a problem, message me)
No giveaway blogs
Ask/submit box must be open
48 hour response time if you win

GIVEAWAY ENDS THE 23/4/14 @ 7PM EST (19:00)

Now at the same time I’m running a fundraiser for the kids of St. Jude because I am running the Warrior Dash mud race. If my fundraiser can reach $1,500 by the deadline of this giveaway I will throw in three event Arceus in cherish balls.
Arceus supplied by genesecto.

One with icicle plate
File:493Arceus Ice Dream.png

One with zap plate
File:493Arceus Electric Dream.png

One with earth plate
File:493Arceus Ground Dream.png

If you wish to donate please donate here.

If you donate my pokemon offer still stands!
$5 dontion = 1 pokemon of your choice
It can be a shiny, legendary, or event. Any donation can get you any pokemon you want.
If you do choose to donate please contact me after you donate.

Since we have reached our past goal of $1,500 and I have gotten a bunch of new pokemon, I will add a new pokemon to this giveaway with another fundraiser goal.
If my fundraiser can reach $2,500 by the deadline of this giveaway I will throw in a the following pokemon.

A shiny Latios
Spr 3e 381 s.gif

A shiny Latias

A shiny Mew
Spr 3e 151 s.gif

A shiny Deoxys
Spr 3e 386S s.gif

And lastly a shiny Lugia
Spr 3e 249 s.gif

If you wish to donate please donate here.

There’s a plate of food outside and my hotel room. Earlier there was a fruit platter in my room with the message ‘Happy birthday!’.
It’s not my birthday…

Fano with all you do, you deserve this trip. Enjoy yourself! :)

I am! Thank you, Anon :)

You're a sunburnt piece of shit.

Bet you were in the Bahamas rather than sitting behind your computer.

These two pictues are possibly the best I’ve ever taken.

How's the sun treating you?

Well I spent the first day at the hotel beach and pool. I burned my shoulders and my face. Its not bad though.

Excuse you, bowties are totally cool.



Hey dracannia, wanna hang out? I’m in Miami for the next hour.

And it takes three hours for me to get to Miami.

And I have homeworks.


You were too slow.

I’m a good friend.

Bring on the sun, water, and margaritas!

Hey fano can you help me posting this ask? Im looking for a 5/6ivs shiny renameable petilil modest/timid with own tempo... it would be beartastic xD

Hey, dracannia! I’m in Miami, wanna meet up?

Vacation, that-bot-named-psych.
Go draw your own damn scribbles. I’m off to the Bahamas.